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Hello my name is Ryan, I am a college student interested in journalism, politics, history, science, current events, and environmental protection. I live in Northwood, New Hampshire and I am the sole creator, writer, editor, researcher, and contributor to this website, so it would be safe to assume that all opinions herein are mine and mine only. All media sources have an angle, and therefore an opinion, on any individual subject and everyone has some kind of bias whether subconscious or not, even we have had only minimal experience. The human brain works naturally in one direction and does not like to overwrite itself with new, conflicting information, but armed with the knowledge of this we can overcome cognitive bias with trust in science, truth, and facts. We are all naturally defensive of our opinions, and I am opinionated enough to publish my own website, but my hope is to use this opportunity to study our world and help inform as well as learn from you. Our world is being sold to the highest bidder and the People are paying the price. We must begin as a People to collectively take back control of our institutions and make them speak and act for us again and if we do that we can begin to save the world.

As I eluded to earlier I will be publishing articles as often as I can but I would also like to learn as well. I would appreciate any input or opinion or criticism you would be willing to give and I will attempt to respond to everyone who writes me. 

My focus will be to publish one article a week about some aspect of life on Earth that could be improved, must be changed, or following current events. Donations are much appreciated as I am doing this in my spare time between school and work and I hope to someday use this forum as a platform to travel and better understand the world and the people and cultures in it. You can learn a lot from reading and researching, but nothing matches exploration and first hand information. Eventually I would also like to start fundraising causes, charity events, and anything else I can to help improve life in our local and global community, so if you have any ideas on how to do this I am always accepting offers for help. 
Thank you so much for your time and interest, now let's get to work.


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Email: ryanjdaniels9@gmail.com